If you are applying for multiple spots, please complete a separate application for each vendor booth you would like placed apart from each other on Market Street. Be sure to include all spaces you would like placed together on the same application. For instance, you have a lemonade stand that requires a 10 x 10 spot, but you also have a food truck that requires a 10 x 25, a 10 x 10 and a stock truck spot. If you want the two vendor booths separated from each other on Market Street, please fill out two separate applications one for the lemonade stand and one for all of the food truck spaces. Any spaces you want together, should be on the same application. Vendor spaces should be included with the booth space so that we can place it as close as possible on the side streets. If you have any questions, please call 618-524-2714 or email office@metropolischamber.com.