The 43rd Annual Superman Celebration Artist Alley & Writers Way 

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2021 Guest Artists

Chad Hardin

Chad Hardin has worked with publishers such as: DC Comics (Harley QuinnWonder WomanZatanna, Warlord), Boom Studios (Farscsape, Traveler), Marvel (Web of Spider-Man, Antivenom), Darh Horse (Dragon Age) and Digital Webbing (Fists of Justice, Bloodrayne). He is currently working on Temerity, his first creator owned project.

Blake Armstrong

Metropolis could not be prouder of Blake Armstrong as he is one of our own.  Born and raised in Metropolis, Blake is now a Los Angeles based artist.

In 2012, Blake attended a meet and greet with his favorite band, In Flames, with his original fan art in hand.  That art led to creating a comic book based on their music and lyrics, and with Blake’s writing partner, Scott Bramble, Blake created the graphic novel, “The Jester’s Curse”.  In Flames asked Blake to create the album art for their tenth record “Siren Charms” and their last three records, even producing on one of their music videos. In 2019, Blake’s In Flames album cover was featured in the Masterpieces 2019 issue and was included in the 100 best album covers of 2019.

While working with In Flames, Blake began making movie posters for some indie films and friends’ movies which were noticed by BLT Communications, who asked him to come on board as an art director.  Blake has worked on a multitude of Film and Television Key Art projects like Ready Player One, Ford V Ferrari and Stranger Things 3. The latter just won two Clio awards for the campaign.  Blake’s work also includes Spiderman Homecoming, Spiderman New Generation, Robotnik, Sonic, Spiderman Far From Home, Crimes of Grindelwald, Hotel Transylvania Tranformania and Cruella.

Ale’ Garza

A penciler and artist, Ale’ produced and published his first book at age 18.  He began working for Wildstorm Studios, a division of DC Comics, on titles such as Gen-13, Dv8, Stormwatch and WildC.A.T.S.  While at DC, Ale’ also worked on Batgirl, Supergirl and Teen Titans.  Ale’ left DC to join the Marvel team and worked on titles featuring Spider-man and key X-men characters. At age 23, Ale’ optioned off his first television show, Ninja Boy, to Warner Bros.  Ale’ has worked on television shows Teen Titans and The Batman for Kids WB.  Ale’ was the lead character artist on DC Comics Massive Multiplayer online game for the first year of production.  His work has been featured on Fathom Volume 3 for Aspen Comics and Superman/Batman.  Look for Madame Mirage from Top Cow Comics and Super Chic, a full color oversized coffee table book featuring all new original artwork pieces by Ale’.

Steven Walden

Beginning his painting in 2014, Steven has quickly moved into full-time status as an artist. His favorite subjects are sports and pop culture. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, he aspires to expand regionally, nationally, and globally.

Mostafa Moussa

Mostafa is an accomplished comic book artist and inker who values collaborative art projects over going alone. His most recognized work includes covers and interior work for Batman, The Flash, Superman, Fantastic Four and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Mostafa has inked for some of the industry’s most recognized artists like Chad Hardin (Harley Quinn) and Alé Garza (Batgirl) and Carlo Barberi (Deadpool).

2021 Artists & Writers

Jim Hall

Jim Hall began his career in comics in the early nineties with Malibu Comics. Soon, he moved up to work with other major publishers: Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Valliant.
His notable work includes issues of The Guardians of the Galaxy, Silver Surfer, The Avengers, The Legion of Super-heroes, Jonny Quest, Aliens v Predator and Star Wars. Shortly before the new millennium Jim transitioned to the corporate world, working as an illustrator and animator for the flight training program at a major American airline. Recently, his job has evolved into script writing and video production. Jim still works daily on comic art using modern digital tools in addition to traditional pencil and ink on paper.

Amy Hale

Since childhood, best-selling and award-winning author Amy Hale has been using the written word to inspire, encourage, and entertain. She loves creating characters and worlds from nothing but her imagination and a few glasses of wine. Her popular paranormal series The Shadows Trilogy has earned multiple awards, as have the Havenwood Falls books, of which she is a participating author. She’s also a participating author in the Feisty Heroines anthology which became a #1 New Release and Bestseller on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Nook shortly after its release.She debuted her first fiction novel in 2015 after retiring from 13 years of non-fiction writing for various online entities.
In 2020 she and her husband, John, started the web-based interview show Creative As Hale. They interview creatives in various mediums to inspire and educate.For the last couple of decades, she’s also carried the titles of Laundry Goddess, Chef, Butt Wiper, Soother of Temper Tantrums, and in more recent years, Moderator of Sarcastic Eye-rolls and Sass. She resides in Illinois with her husband, one dog, various reptiles, and 17 chickens.
In her spare time, she enjoys music, photography, watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 with her family, and long rides on the back of her husband’s motorcycle.

Cathy Jackson

Cathy Jackson is the bestselling author of contemporary, inspirational, science fiction, and erotic romance. Learn more about Cathy, her loving family and zany life, and all her upcoming books on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @AuthorCJackson.

John B. Pyka

John B Pyka is an author, artist, podcaster and cosplayer. He is the author of 4 books on the performance and theory of magic, author of Night Reich published by Seventh Star Press, the creator and artist of The League of Impossibilists, the producer and host of the Back of the Cereal Box Podcast, and is a Harley Quinn cosplayer!

Sean Dulaney

Sean Dulaney is an writer/artist/editor and broadcaster from Southeastern Illinois. In the comics field, his work includes 51 DELTA and SUPERSONIC (Arcana Studios), THE “IT” GIRL MURDERS (Markosia), F. Stein, Consulting Detective, Dreah, Queen Of Thieves, and Miss Vicky & Her Cutie Commandos. In recent years, Sean has spearheaded the annual radio show recreation during Metropolis, IL’s Superman Celebration. Sean has recently released his first solo prose project THE BLACK TERROR: TERROR RISES and launched the 400 COURT STREET radio show (and podcast available at that looks back at the pro wrestling history of Evansville, IN.

Mark LeMieux

Mark LeMieux is the owner, director and lead artist of the freelance art company Platypus Productions, that specializes in sculpture, design work, pop culture art, comic illustration, film making, script writing, cosplay and special effects make-up.  Mark has an Associate’s Degree in Industrial Design Technology from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he was an Honors Graduate. He has had to honor of working for many prestigious companies including: Kenner Toys, Hasbro Toy Group, Topps Trading Cards, Marvel, Fox, Breygent Card Company, Paramount and Disney. He is also the artist for several clubs such as The Ohio Star Wars Collectors Club (OSWCC), the Kentucky Star Wars Collectors Club (KSWCC), The Jedi Assembly, and Ohio Kentucky Indiana Lego Users Group (OKILUG). He is currently working on an internet comic strip entitled Platrick & Swampie, several childrens books and an independant film. Find him on Facebook:

Todd Black

Todd Black has been a writer of various things for many years. He mostly has written comic books and novels, recently accomplishing his 35th published work, with more on the way. He loves writing stories of all kinds including superhero, fantasy, sci-fi, wrestling comics, and even a science education comic! He’ll keep writing until there are no more ideas left in his head.”


Molly Daniels

Molly Daniels resides in the southwestern corner of Indiana with her spouse, three children, two grandchildren, and various household pets. A student teacher in her fifth-grade class showed this avid reader how to unlock the creativity in her brain and to write down the stories in her own head.  She began writing her Women’s Fiction/New Adult series The Arbor University Tales while in college, and other short stories and poetry have been featured in several anthologies.
Kenzie Michaels is the ‘wild child’ of author Molly Daniels. A devout chocoholic, she has three children and is ‘Aunt Molly’ to the entire neighborhood. Her husband of 30 years has learned to watch out when the characters in her head take over and to not get upset when the words are flowing and all concept of time is lost. (LOL!)